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Frequently Asked Questions

We've compiled a list of frequently asked questions to help you plan for your adventure. If the questions you have isn't answered here then please email

What do I need to bring on my adventure?


This is by far our most common question and a very sensible one. Being prepared for your adventure is not only essential for safety but also for your enjoyment. Is a book essential on an expedition? No. Is it going to make the evening more enjoyable when you're sitting around camp with a mighty view or hiding in your tent because it's a bit wet? Absolutely!

Click the links below to access a printable kit list you can use to help yourself get organised. Underlined items are optional.



Biking (Coming Soon)

Climbing (Coming Soon)

If you do not have all the items listed on the kit list then get in touch as we may be able to lend or hire the items you need.

Can I bring my dog?


We adore dogs. Our mad cocker Jura is our favourite adventure buddy.  We appreciate that not everyone feels the same so so we do not allow dogs on our group adventures.


If you would like to organise a bespoke adventure for your group, including a dog, then please get in touch to discuss availability, and your dog's suitability.

For advice on how to be a responsible dog owner in the mountains check out Mountaineering Scotland's advice on taking the dog.

Will I be fit enough?

Anxiety about keeping up with a group can be a real barrier for many people. If you're in any way unsure then please get in touch to discuss your experience and health further.

We've graded our trips to give an overview of the challenge of each adventure. 

Green - Suitable for all adventurers, including first timers.

Blue - Suitable for most adventurers, including first timers with a reasonable level of fitness.

Red - Suitable for adventurers with some previous mountain experience and a good level of fitness. 

Black - Only suitable for experienced adventurers with a high level of fitness, endurance and previous experience. We may contact you to confirm your suitability for this kind of adventure.

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W - Solid White_edited_edited_edited.png
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